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About me - reasons for this website

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I have been programming professionally for over 35 years. For the last 20 years, I have mainly been programming and designing websites. For blogs, I used Drupal and WordPress for years. The non-stop updating of plug-ins and cores finally got on my nerves so much that I started looking for another option for blogs.

That’s how I discovered Jekyll . After I had programmed a project with input possibility for users with it, it was clear to me - the dependencies of hundreds of Ruby modules are just too unsafe for me. Besides, the time Jekyll needed to generate the web pages was getting longer and longer.

By chance I read a report about Bootstrap . They had a big problem with Jekyll because of the large size of their documentation pages and wanted to switch to Hugo . For this reason I looked at Hugo and was hooked from the start. Static web pages significantly reduce the security risk. Hugo requires no externally loaded modules, uses the SCSS compiler built into Hugo and even provides a local runtime environment for the web pages. Updating Hugo is easy on macOS with Brew .

Why this website?

Over the past decades, I have used a lot of helpful and free information from the community online. It’s time to pay back the community credit. The hints without solutions, the solutions and sometimes just ideas for a possible solution have saved me a lot of times at work. I started using the community with an account at CompuServe paid for by my employer at the time. OS/2 Developer Forum - Programming Language C - Connecting to a 1200 bit/s Modem.

For this reason I would like to share hopefully helpful tips - around Hugo - on this website. At the same time I use the contributions for my personal documentation. With daily programming, I can roughly remember a problem solution after a few months, but then I have to work out the details again. A detailed documentation is very helpful.

Target group

As the target audience for this website, I would like to focus on technically oriented people who are interested in a Hugo website and the internet. If you can only digest text in the form size of tweets and likes, you won’t like reading much here.

Error on my side

If I am misrepresenting something, if you have a safety tip, if you have supplementary tips to a post or if you find a post well explained - please tell me in the comments. I don’t have the philosopher’s stone in my pocket and am grateful for every hint.

Many thanks to Joe Mooring

Joe Mooring is a moderator on the Hugo forum and had agreed to look at my source for several errors. This helped me a lot.

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