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Use a trick to shorten the length of long Markdown header anchor links.

Hugo - Shorten Markdown Header Anchor Links

Hugo - Shorten Markdown Header Anchor Links

Markdown Header Anchor Links h2 to h6 Hugo creates automatically from the title text when generating. A trick can be used to shorten the title length for the link. Shorter links are good for SEO.

In my post “Hugo - Create optical header anchor links automatically” I - Anchor Links - described in more detail. Hugo replaces spaces from the header title with hyphens, but country-specific special characters are included in the anchor link.

The tip

The Markdown header, for example for h2, is used according to the pattern ## title. You can influence the text of the anchor link according to the pattern ## title {#anchorlink}. The id of the HTML tag h2 is changed by the {#anchorlink}.

The following is a Markdown example:


## A really, really long title with no sense {#very-long-title}

The result is:

<h2 id="very-long-title">A really, really long title with no sense</h2>  


Through this very simple possibility, the header anchor link can be shortened manually in a SEO-compliant manner.

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