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Technical SEO support.

ahrefs.com - free webmaster tools

For the free Webmaster Tools from - https://ahrefs.com - I would like to thank them with this blog post. Based on ahrefs’ advice, I have really tinkered a lot with this website over the last few weeks. You can’t see it on the surface, but the changes are quite intense. Little by little, I will publish an updated version of many blog posts with the changes that have been made.

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Easy batch conversion of files in macOS Finder. Conversion from jpg and png to webp and avif.

macOS App - Quick Webp Avif Image Converter

The application converts jpg and png images via the Finder of macOS into the formats webp or avif. The conversion is accessed by right-clicking on one or more marked image files. Quick actions can then be used to create the marked files in webp format, for example.

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Install Homebrew and Command Line Tools, but without Xcode.

Install Homebrew without Xcode

The large update effort of Xcode has always annoyed me. I only need the command line tools from the extensive Xcode package. With my new MacBook Pro (M2 Pro) I will do some things differently. Homebrew without Xcode is one of them. In this post I describe the installation.

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Find broken links on your own website with a link checker.

Find broken links with a link checker

Broken links make a bad impression on visitors to your website. With the search engines, too. With a free yet trustworthy link checker you can find broken links and other errors. Manual checking of all links, even on a small homepage, is too time-consuming.

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Mail - use postfix for macOS, MAMP and Hugo

Mail, macOS - Postfix configuration for MAMP web server

The PHP function mail() requires a working Postfix or similar mail server configuration on a local web server. This guide helps to configure Postfix on macOS. For the popular PHPMailer, the Postfix configuration and the change in the MAMP php.ini are not required. It just depends on the purpose of the mail application.

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