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The Tag #seo is connected to the content of the following blog articles:

i18n - Part 2 of 3 sequential tutorials for creating a Hugo multilingual website.

Hugo - Tutorial Part 2 - Create i18n multilingual site

i18n - Part 2 of 3 instructions for creating a Hugo multilingual website. The second part goes into depth on theme development and shows how to program the multilingual website. With the following topics: Entries in the html and head tag of the baseof.html and menu structure in the hugo.toml, including the navigation partials nav.html and sidepanel.html.

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Schema.org type WebSite and BlogPosting - structured data for better SEO of my Hugo website.

Hugo - Structured schema data for better SEO

Structured data allows search engines to better understand the data on the website, and thereby make search results more appealing to users. This post explains my Hugo Partial for the Schema.org types WebSite and BlogPosting. With i18n entries, explanation of the source code and testing of the JSON-LD structure.

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Technical SEO support.

ahrefs.com - free webmaster tools

For the free Webmaster Tools from - https://ahrefs.com - I would like to thank them with this blog post. Based on ahrefs’ advice, I have really tinkered a lot with this website over the last few weeks. You can’t see it on the surface, but the changes are quite intense. Little by little, I will publish an updated version of many blog posts with the changes that have been made.

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Make search engines aware of the localized versions of your website.

SEO - Self-referencing hreflang on multilingual website

On multilingual websites, all language versions, including a self-reference and if possible an x-default reference, must be indicated in the header for good SEO. I explain the necessary Hugo source code for this in this post. With link rel=“alternate” hreflang="" href="" this succeeds.

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Find broken links on your own website with a link checker.

Find broken links with a link checker

Broken links make a bad impression on visitors to your website. With the search engines, too. With a free yet trustworthy link checker you can find broken links and other errors. Manual checking of all links, even on a small homepage, is too time-consuming.

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